EZAdsPro publisher is an online self-service program that allows the user to produce dynamic ads through one easy-to-use interface.

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Perfect for niche publications, display ads, classified liner ads and more, EZAdsPro Publisher streamlines the ad creation process. Advertisers have greater control over their ads, and you’ll have the efficiency and flexibility that comes with a reverse-publishing system.

Simple Interface
Publisher offers you two ways to effortlessly layout an ad. You can either drag-and-drop a listing where you want it or use the customizable auto flow, which allows you to sort the listings and automatically flow them into the existing ad.

For Print and Online
We leverage online inventory to easily and efficiently produce print advertising while simultaneously using that same data for online presentation.

Easy Live Editing
Revolutionary “Live Proof” technology enables customer self-service without the headache of training, usernames or passwords. The intuitive edit screen allows you to modify multiple listings from a single interface.