Digital Marketing

Drag and Drop now provide a brilliant new range of digital advertising that will extend the power of your print ads to digital and social networks..

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Active Properties
Link your property print ads to interactive versions that engage and capture leads. Add videos for each property and contact forms that link directly to your CRM system.

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Active Features
Add multiple advertisers to a single interactive ad and drive traffic to them with prizes and rewards. Share on your Facebook page or in a paid campaign. E.g, brilliant for dining or entertainments guides.

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Active Alerts
Your social audience will love this alert style design, which lets you feature discounts, deals and special events in their local community.

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Active Guides
Provide a focused, curated look at all the best attracts and services in a specific area. Link to advertisers and drive traffic with our promotional tools which reward users for clicking on touch points.

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Active Commerce
Mix videos, images and rich text to create the perfect sales vehicle for social media. Then link that to payment gateways and watch your sales rocket!

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Active Journey
Create an interactive journey through a mall, a city or a tourist attraction. Add a touchpoint at each location that links to rich media such as videos, or that link to payment, registration and CRM systems!