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Interactive Property Ads!

Our property ads educates, engages and converts into leads or sales. Share them on any web browser, on social media or your own website. Rabbit is also a brilliant way to extend the reach of printed material with links to an interactive version.

Take your audience beyond print to online

Use Rabbit interactive content as part of a powerful social campaign, or link them to printed advertising or marketing such as ads, signs, flyers or brochures. Rabbit helps you extend your marketing campaign beyond print to online.

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Optimize your social campaigns

Rabbit helps you optimize the cost of your social campaigns by focusing on a group of properties, products or services rather than just one. EG in real estate, curate an exclusive group by best feature (bathroom, kitchen, garden, location). Vendors will gladly pay for this extra visibility.

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Drive traffic with 'Tap and Reward'

Rabbit's unique Click and Reward technology helps drive traffic to advertised properties, products or services. It's a fun way to increase social traction and engagement and elevate brands above the competition.

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Rabbits makes it easy to quickly create interactive content, that will play seamlessly on any mobile device. Connect your print marketing to powerful online content that continues your marketing story, content that excites, informs, educates and sells.

Create interactive content that plays anywhere.